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February 2012 2201 300x225 Pilgrimage Walks

Walks through the very rich Burren pilgrimage landscape to remarkable sacred sites.
The Burren pilgrim hikes are interspersed with informative and entertaining commentaries on the Golden Age of Irish Art, the rise and fall of the holy well and the tenacity of the pilgrimage tradition today. Poetry, silence and fun are also guaranteed. Walks are either a half day or a full day in duration. The walks are available by appointment for groups.


I was lucky enough to be a guest on one of your walking tours.
Thanks for showing us around the Burren and for such an entertaining and interesting afternoon.

Brad Thompson, The West Australian newspaper.


" I really appreciate several things...the inquisitive and knowing mind, the patient and friendly demeanour, and the fastidious attention to detail in answering our standing questions. Thank you for sharing the Burren with us. In all of our experience in Ireland, we haven't shared a more intimate and scholarly communion with the landscape than we did in our few hours with you ".

Christopher Buerkett, New York State U.S.A.


A short excerpt from the Trek Ireland DVD of the Burren made by Jake Mac Manus and featuring local walking guide Tony Kirby.

The walking trail featured in this excerpt is located in the Burren National Park. The highlight of the trail is a remarkable hermitage set in mature native woodland. 

A small group of hermit monks exiled themselves here in Early Christian times for greater communion with the other world. The site was also the focus of pilgrimage in the past.

Heart of Burren Walks leads groups to the hermitage. The hikes include incisive commentaries on the history, archaeology and folklore of the location..whilst also explaining why the hermitage is a heritage site of real national significance.
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